Am I a Blogger?

I’m not one that can (should?) write off-the-cuff, but that’s exactly what’s going on  today. There’s clearly a motivation to blog, or I wouldn’t be revisiting this medium for the first time in nearly three years. So, why now?

Not a compelling read if I tell you all the things on my mind that I won’t be discussing in a public forum, right? How about, instead of drama, we have a bit of a dialog on the importance of positive thought? In relationships public and private, in personal and professional dealings each day, and even as manifested in social media.

This week, instead of complaining about people and friends that were no longer contributing on my favorite social media outlet, I took measures to ‘keep it fresh,’ challenging myself to reach out to new hobbyists. The alternative may have seemed more comfortable, but would actually be too familiar: comfort interwoven with negativism, slamming contributors that remained as being reasons for others’ leaving (if that makes sense). I don’t want to limited in that way in an on-line environment; withdrawing to only the running posts I regularly contribute to or control is not an option.

Must. Keep. Expanding.

Sounds good, right?


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