Taming of the Skew!

Yeah, I’m stealing the title of this post from an episode of The Woodwright Shop seen recently, but it makes sense here too. Why is it appropriate? Good question, I’ll tell you.

It’s not infrequently that I find myself working on half-blind dovetails. Seriously. Every project I do that includes drawers or trays of some kind ends up having half-blinds. So there’s just enough experience behind this particular ‘want vs. need’ discussion to lean me in the direction of actually pulling the trigger on a new tool purchase. And at a cost that’s much, much less than a more domestic solution. Wait, new tool, and one that’s actually new vs. ‘new to me’, right? Yep. Straight from Stanley UK (by way of Amazon.com) came the haul: a pair of 3/8” SW 750 socket chisels.


Wait (again), you say. Don’t you already have a set of SW reissues? Yes, I do, and I (still) love ‘em and wouldn’t trade them for any other, but take a look at the title of this blog again before taking your best guess at what’s in store for these Stanleys.

More to come, thanks for looking!



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