Okay. So I’m minding my own business yesterday, as I’m somewhat apt to do, when I received notice of a blog post by LAP. The post itself didn’t rock my world; that blog is quite active each week and has been part of my (short) must-read list since my earliest hobby days. The Schwarz is very much in anarchist mode, which I couldn’t be more apathetic about in general, but followers of his blog will know his ‘furniture of necessity’ eyes have been cast on stick-built furniture for some time. Long story short, I generally find the form very appealing to my aesthetic eye, and have wondered if stick furniture was anything I’d ever try to tackle in my shop.
Well, back to the blog post. It included pictures of two chairs, and this is one that got my attention right away:

The ‘vernacular stick chair’ pictured above is in North Carolina, but said to be English in origin and brought to its current locale in the late 1940s. I don’t care where it came from, but I do love the form. And I want to build one (if not more than one). And that’s the point of this blog: This is the first chair I’ve looked at that ever made me think of actually building a chair. So build I will. When? Hah! How? Good question as well. But here’s what I think: I’ll start by preparing a list of tools needed to make stick furniture: a tapered reamer, brace and bits and a [the reverse-of-a-reamer thingy, whatever it’s called]. Oh, and showed the chair to the Design Board for concept approval (SWMBO).
So I’m off to collect all those things, and will be thinking of / researching construction methods in the meantime. As in, some blogs, maybe a St. Roy video or two, and other interwebz-based research. In the meantime, I’ve used this blog as an ideabook of sorts.
That’s all for now, thanks for looking.


One thought on “Chairmaking?

  1. countercosta1952

    Hey old guy, I know you have one reamer done. Anything else?

    It’s just that I’m jealous. I want to make a continuous arm Windsor chair and it’s way beyond what I can do right now. So I will live vicariously through your build.

    So hurry up. Please!

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