Just a Bench In Use

Had some very productive hours in the shop tonight and took a couple of pictures. Much was accomplished, a little more to do for a complete project. It’s the journey, right?


That’s a mix of old and new. Old, because the tool tote features parts from one my grandad made years and years ago. Here’s that box prior to deconstruction:


The stickers that are visible at each end are from his business; I wanted to save that history by re-purposing parts of his plywood tote in my shop.


It’s not done, but the intent is clear. This tool tote is sized to fit just right in my toolchest, for those times I take some tools on the road (or across the yard, into the house for a task or two). It’s unused space otherwise, and the chest is on the small side to begin with.

More later, thanks for looking!


9 thoughts on “Just a Bench In Use

  1. countercosta1952

    Smitty, well done. I like the lines on the front and back. Your own idea? I still have yet to make one of these for mine but maybe now!

  2. Thanks Kevin.

    I’m guessing the lines you like are the curves at the ends (sine? cosine? ogee?). Yep, those are my idea. The original toolbox was much wider, and cutting those pieces to fit raised the walls of the new box pretty high. Combine that will a handle length that was set, and there was an opportunity to do something interesting. Rather than shorten the length overall, I kept ‘compartments’ on either end and changed elevations to make them more accessible. The curves were drawn with a straightedge and compass (love that part the best, just learned that trick).

  3. countercosta1952

    I learned the technique from a Schwarz article on building a six board chest. I think it was called a reverse cyma curve. I used it on the end pieces to form the legs. Same as yours but two that meet on an angle.

  4. I’ve been (re-) reading By Hand and Eye and it’s companion workbook By Hound and Eye. Simple layout tools is a huge concept in those books.

    Funny how songlines are combined, because my Mom talked to me about a Woodwright Shop episode she saw recently (“Never saw those kinds of tools before!”) and when I watched it on line, Roy drew the curves on a piece of stock real haphazard like…

    I now had a tie-in between the books, seeing someone actually do the layout, and with the challenge I had rolling around in my head. So, reverse cyma it is.

    Thanks, Tony!

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