Hollows and Rounds

Yes, there’s a Perfection mitre box in the picture too, but otherwise that’s a unified set of 22 H&R planes (even numbers, from 2 to 22), along with an assortment of beaders, two pairs of T&G planes, several skew rabbet planes, and even a nosing plane as well as a fillister. All marked M. Crannell, Albany NY. One owner’s mark on each of them. Maybe I should come up with one of my own?

Now to order Bickford’s book about moulding planes from Lost Art Press…


One thought on “Hollows and Rounds

  1. Poopiekat

    Over the years I have been unsuccessful in piece-mealing together a set of hollows and rounds. They just don’t come up often enough in my neck of the woods, or when I find them they do not look like they ever belonged together due to color or other physical variations. I don’t want to end up with a patchwork of rag-tag planes! Lately I just realized also that I’ve used the “Canada Only” filter on my eBay notifications; the good sets usually get posted by British vendors. If I had a good set, my whole mindset would be wrapped around using them (and my Stanley 45s) and build outward from them.
    Thanks for the inspiration, Smitty!

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