Hollows and Rounds

Yes, there’s a Perfection mitre box in the picture too, but otherwise that’s a unified set of 22 H&R planes (even numbers, from 2 to 22), along with an assortment of beaders, two pairs of T&G planes, several skew rabbet planes, and even a nosing plane as well as a fillister. All marked M. Crannell, Albany NY. One owner’s mark on each of them. Maybe I should come up with one of my own?

Now to order Bickford’s book about moulding planes from Lost Art Press…


Brown Maple in the House!

This tree, what I’ve called a Soft Maple, was in the way of a driveway-to-be and had to go.


A few months later, after the trunk spent some time at Reform School, some slabbed lumber came to the shop!

About 80 board feet, all will finish roughly 10″ wide and over 8′ long. Rough cut to a full 4/4 thickness. Lumber in the shop, stickered and air drying, is always a good thing. Some splalting adds character as well. Wonder what these boards turn into a few years from now?